General Yoel Strik at MDA
General Yoel Strik at MDAMDA Spokesperson

The commander of the IDF's Homefront Command, Major General Yoel Strik, paid an official visit to the Magen David Adom (MDA) emergency medical service today, along with additional senior officers from the Homefront Command.

At the beginning of the visit, the general was given an overview of MDA's regular and emergency operational activities. During the talk, the director of MDA also noted several shortcomings that the IDF could improve.

Following the overview, Strik participated in a patrol to MDA's national center in Kiryat Ono, which houses the 101 emergency line, the preparedness center, the medical center, and the national center. Strik expressed his interest in and admiration for the the control and monitoring systems, the application developments, and the advanced technology that keeps MDA effective and professional while saving lives.

The general further reviewed MDA's recent actions, particularly in the course of the wave of terror that has engulfed Israel, and expressed his appreciation for MDA forces that work around the clock.

Strik and the other officers continued on to inspecting MDA's rescue vehicles, where they were introduced to the variety of vehicles used, both during routine occurrences and emergencies. These include the patrol cars, motorcycles, command and control vehicles, ambulances, Segways, and more.

At the end of the tour the general thanks MDA Director Eli Bin, saying "During my brief visit I learned much about the organization's actions, its technological tools and its operational abilities. MDA is a strategic partner in the Homefront Command's goal and purpose, to save lives. I can also say, as a citizen of the State of Israel, that MDA has a professional value to the public that is based on extensive experience and the organization's security."

He continued, "The citizens of Israel can be comforted in the knowledge that if something occurs, no matter how difficult, MDA will do what is expected of it in the best manner possible, and that is to save lives. I intend to continue to strengthen the good partnership between us in order to improve our goals of saving lives."

MDA Director Bin thanked General Strik and his officers: "We are very pleased with the years of joint work we have done, which has shown good results in the field. Since it was founded, MDA has been working alongside security forces, particularly the IDF. During times of both routine and emergencies we need close cooperation between the two and I am happy that MDA can help the IDF save lives, as it is expected to do."