Arutz Sheva spoke to the CEO of the World Mizrachi organization recently, during their 30th annual conference in Jerusalem. 

"The challenge in this day and age is that seven million Jews still reside outside of Israel," Rabbi Doron Perez stated. "We've built a country, we've built an amazing medina (state) - six million Jews - but still, the majority live outside of Israel." 

Perez noted that the national-religious world has "transformed" Israeli society from within, and that emissaries (shlichim) from the organization could be the game-changer for Diaspora Jewry as well. 

"We have 350 Religious Zionist shlichim and shlochot around the world; we should have 1,000," he noted. "We simply aren't able to answer the requests of hundreds of communities which need educators, and teachers, and rabbis on all different levels. That is the goal."