Haredim in Jerusalem
Haredim in Jerusalem Marcello Soss/Flash90

Palestinians have no intention of letting haredi Jews “off” in their campaign of terror attacks, the website of Quds News, a major source of Palestinian news, announced Thursday.

The site was responding to an earlier plea from the editors of Mishpacha Magazine, which serves the haredi public, to avoid attacking members of the community – because they were opposed to ascending the Temple Mount, the alleged reason for the recent round of terror attacks by Palestinians said to “fear” that Israel will change the “status quo” on the Mount.

The letter in both Arabic and Hebrew, penned by Mishpacha's Deputy Editor, Aryeh Ehrlich, asserted: "We, the haredi community, have no cause in ascending the Temple Mount at this time. We are strongly opposed."

On its site, and on its Facebook page, Quds News presented a copy of the plea and commented that the letter was put out by “the settler group known as 'haredim,' and they asked not to be made a target in the intifada since they oppose ascending and breaking into the Al-Aqsa Mosque.”

Nothing doing, wrote Quds. “The intifada continues,” the site ended the post as saying – and that presumably includes haredi targets as well.

The letter comes after a month of escalated, daily terrorist attacks against Israeli civilians and security forces by Palestinians. 

Among the many civilian victims haredi Jews have been disproportionately targeted - a fact recently highlighted by Internal Security Minister Gilad Erdan, who relaxed gun licensing rules in part to allow "haredi teachers" to apply for weapons to defend themselves.