Molotov cocktail attack
Molotov cocktail attackFlash 90

Authorities have announced that, as part of a joint operation between the General Security Service (GSS, also known as the Shabak or Shin Bet) and Israel Police, six Arab-Israelis have been arrested over recent terror attacks on Highway 6.

The attacks cited involved throwing Molotov cocktails at vehicles driving on Highway 6, which the suspects admitted to during questioning.

The six are all from the northern city of Tira, and aged between 18 and 22 years old.Their names are Tahran Hassan Sultan, Yinal Hussam Hassin Samara, Mu'ad Mahmad Hassan Sultan, Kerem Mamduh Hussani Sultan, Mahmoud Halad Mahmud Fadila, and Abd al-Karim Zahar Hassan Sultan.

Prosecutors have already filed charges against the group on counts of conspiracy to commit a crime, creating weapons, and throwing Molotov cocktails at vehicles.