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Walmart on Tuesday dropped two costumes from its Halloween selection that had caused outrage and controversy on social media, The New York Times reports.

The two costumes in question are an IDF soldier and a "Sheikh Fagin nose", a latex nose enlargement which was described as "perfect for an Arab Sheikh".

The Israeli soldier’s costume actually drew the ire of Israel haters, who accused Walmart of "supporting killing and occupation".

The "Sheikh Fagin nose", a reference to the Jewish antagonist in Oliver Twist, was denounced by the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee which, according to The New York Times, expressed its concern that the nose would be used in “racist anti-Arab costumes.”

But while Walmart has dropped the two products, noted the report, they are both available elsewhere.

The latex nose remains on sale on Amazon’s website, albeit under an updated version of the name, the “Sultan Nose,” which drops the reference to Fagin, noted The New York Times.

As for the IDF soldier’s costume, that outfit is also still available on Amazon’s website, where it is sold alongside other military outfits, including the “Fun World Navy Seal Boys Costume,” paired with an image of a uniformed child in camouflage face paint raising a knife, as if to stab an unseen enemy.