Fatah 'victory or death'
Fatah 'victory or death' Palestinian Media Watch

Palestinian Authority (PA) Chairman Mahmoud Abbas's Fatah faction has escalated its calls for terror, with a campaign glorifying stabbing attacks against Jews.

Fatah last Friday posted on its official Facebook page an image of a masked man with a knife in his hand and two fingers held up in a V for "Victory," as revealed by Palestinian Media Watch (PMW). The image was accompanied by the text: "we'll be victorious or die."

"Victory or death"
"Victory or death" Palestinian Media Watch

Not only did Fatah support stabbing attacks, it also lionized an Arab knife terrorist responsible for a recent serious attack.

On its Facebook page, Fatah on Monday published a picture lauding Raed Jaradat, an Arab terrorist who earlier in the day stabbed and seriously wounded an IDF soldier at a junction outside the Arab village of Bayt Einun, located just north of Kiryat Arba in Judea.

Fatah announced that it "escorts its martyr son," Raed Jaradat, "who carried out the stabbing operation" at the junction to his "wedding," in reference to the Islamic belief that martyrs marry 72 virgins in paradise.

"The path of the struggle. Palestinian National Liberation movement Fatah, North Hevron branch, escorts its martyr son to his wedding; Raed Saket Abd Al-Rahman Jaradat, who carried out the stabbing operation at the Bet Anoun Junction."

Fatah lauds Raed Jaradat Palestinian Media Watch

While Fatah often openly glorifies the Arab terrorists conducting lethal attacks on Jews, the PA has shown a different tactic, instead claiming that Israel invents the attacks to justify "executing" what they dub "innocent" Palestinian Arabs, and then plants knives at the scene to frame them.

This libelous false claim was given a clear illustration by a cartoon in the official PA daily Al-Hayat Al-Jadida on Monday.

The cartoon shows a religious Jew, a caricature often used to depict Jewish residents of Judea and Samaria, holding a knife like a carrot from a stick as he sits on an IDF soldiers back and goads him on to attack an Arab boy. The image also presents the claim that knives are planted at attack scenes.

Knife carrot
Knife carrot Palestinian Media Watch

The cartoons only provide illustration to the very vocal campaign of disinformation the PA is leading in trying to delegitimize Israeli self-defense and warp terror attacks.

The PA Ministry of Information earlier this month claimed that "the Israeli PR...disseminates a misleading narrative, which shows the attacker as victim and the attacked as 'terrorist.'"

That stance was echoed by Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) Secretary-General Saeb Erekat, who also is a member of the Fatah Central Committee.

On Thursday, he was quoted by the PA daily saying, "the Israeli aggression against the Palestinian people still continues, through summary executions and collective punishments," and adding, "we are protecting ourselves with the bodies of our sons and daughters, because Israel does not protect itself, but rather its crimes, occupation and settlement."

The PA paper presented 17-year-old female terrorist Dania Arshid as a "victim" - on Sunday, at a security check, Arshid ran at Border Police near the Cave of Machpelah in Hevron with a drawn knife and was shot dead.

"The occupation executed student Dania Arshid," lied the paper, claiming that IDF soldiers "asked her to take a knife out of her bag. The girl could do nothing but refuse as she didn't have any sharp object in her bag, which caused the soldiers to shoot her on the spot."

Another terrorist, 20-year-old Mahmoud Ghneimat who together with another terrorist last Thursday stabbed an 18-year-old in Beit Shemesh before being shot, was also prevented as a victim by the PA paper.

Ghneimat was killed in "a summary execution...under the allegation that he had stabbed a settler," wrote the paper, ironically terming the victim who is a resident of a city on the sovereign side of the 1949 Armistice line a "settler."