Ruler-dagger Police photo

An Arab youth aged about 15 was arrested Tuesday morning in Jerusalem's Old City, after he aroused the suspicion of detectives from the David Precinct.

The police searched his body and found a ruler that had been sharpened into a dagger.

The youth, a resident of Silwan, was arrested and taken to interrogation.

David Precinct Commander, Commander Doron Turjeman, praised the detectives for maintaining the proper level of alertness.

In another incident, two Arab female youths approached the police checkpoint at the Cave of Machpela in Hevron Tuesday, and began to shout "We came to free Palestine."

Police found two knives in the bag of one of the girls. They were arrested and taken to interrogation at the Hevron Police station.

Knives found on girls in Hevron
Knives found on girls in Hevron Police photo

Overnight Monday/Tuesday, IDF forces, the Judea-Samaria police, and Border Police arrested 44 Arabs in Judea and Samaria, all of whom were suspected of involvement in terrorism and riots against civilians and security forces.

During a bust in Kafr Talat, near Qalqiliya, the Duchifat Brigade uncovered a weapons cache, M-16 guns, sniper and hunting weapons, ammunition, knives and terror propaganda.

An additional bust in Jenin yielded a second weapons cache, including an M-16, a pistol, stun grenades, firebombs, night vision goggles and large quantities of ammunition.

Two of the arrested terrorists were identified later Tuesday as senior members of the Hamas and Islamic Jihad terrorist organizations: 

  • Kis Saadi, 24, a Hamas member who was involved in past terror attacks who was involved in the past in terror attacks. He has been charged with firing at IDF soldiers, placing and producing explosives, and weapons trafficking; and
  •  Tair Jaradat, 29, a member of Islamic Jihad.