Moshe Savil
Moshe Savil Eliran Aharon

Gush Etzion Regional Council Deputy Head Moshe Savil spoke with Arutz Sheva on Monday morning at the scene where a planned ambush took place the day before.

In the attack Israel Ben Aharon, 58, suffered head injuries and was stabbed in the chest, but managed to fight off his Arab terrorist attacker. Incredibly, due to the lack of cellphone coverage in the Gush Etzion area, Ben-Aharon was forced to drive roughly half a kilometer before he could call the police.

"We're coming off of a difficult morning in Gush Etzion, another attack unfortunately," said Savil.

"We are witnesses here in Gush Etzion to a significant strengthening of the forces in response to the significant increase in events. We strengthen the hands of the soldiers, the commanders and the senior sources to continue and do all they can to return the security to our residents in Gush Etzion, and the residents of the state of Israel in general."

In light of the near total freeze in construction in the region, Savil said, "we always expect more building, we think that's always the right response to terror. For all the generations that was the response."

Calling for action, he said the response to terror should including using "all of the tools...if it's a firmer hand against the terrorists, if it's building and an improvement of the infrastructures, and as much defense as possible, so that residents can drive home without fears."

Savil noted that residents are calling on the regional council to demand that the government return the situation to how it was a few months ago, when there was no fear to drive on the roads.

The regional deputy head said there are several means to return the security, for one by increasing the troop presence and taking harsher steps against terrorists, including the demolition of their homes.

He also again pressed for more building and improving conditions, noting that he visited the same road where the attack took place just a week ago with public works officials, asking that the road lighting be fixed after not being operational for nearly a decade.

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