Rabbis on the Temple Mount
Rabbis on the Temple Mount 'Temple Mount is Ours'

Yehuda Glick, the head of the Temple Mount Heritage Foundation which campaigns for Jewish rights on the Temple Mount, has denounced news that Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has agreed to tighten Jordanian control over the holy site, and maintain a blanket ban on any forms of Jewish worship.

"Prayer is a internal, spiritual act that no military or police can prevent," said Glick.

Despite the latest setback for the struggle for Jewish prayer rights on Judaism's holiest site, Glick sounded a defiant note, saying the fate of the Temple Mount would not be decided by diplomats.

"The reality on the Temple Mount will not be determined by speeches and not even by international pledges to cameras, but rather by facts on the ground, he said. 

"So I am calling on all who want this country to continue and remain Jewish, to be connected to the traditional of Israel going back to Biblical times: come and show it on the Temple Mount. We must make condition the world to accept Jews as part of the natural landscape of the Mount."