Eliezer and Sarah Rosenfeld
Eliezer and Sarah RosenfeldHadas Parush / Flash 90

Bereaved mother Sarah Rosenfeld responded to the controversy over the High Court decision to freeze the planned demolition of seven Arab terrorists' homes this week, including the homes of two terrorists who killed her son Malachi in a terrorist shooting attack near the community of Shvut Rachel in June.

"As one who knows what it is to cope with this, they should know that the families remain with the death [of their relatives] all their lives," Rosenfeld stated Friday morning to Channel 10.

Thirteen years ago, Malachi's eldest brother, Lt. Yitzchak-Menachem Rosenfeld, 22, was killed in a jeep accident in the Tze'elim Stream, in the Judean Desert. He was a pilot in the IAF. 

"I do not know if home demolitions deter, but we are hurt and nothing will take that away from us. In my opinion, this is worthy and proportional punishment." 

The bereaved mother said she "wants to trust the justice system in Israel and believe that the reasons for a freeze on demolitions were correct," but qualified that there are limits to the humanitarian qualities which temper a judicial ruling in situations such as these.

"I want to say that we are in the equation, too," she said. "The court cannot indeed be conducted according to our emotions, but they know that these are more than home demolitions; these are punishments for acts you cannot commit."

"They murdered my child in the middle of the night on his way home, it cannot go on like this," she added.