Firebomb attack (illustration)
Firebomb attack (illustration)Flash 90

An indictment was filed with the Tel Aviv District Court on Thursday against three Arab youths accused of attacking Israeli security forces with firebombs in Yafo (Jaffa). 

Mahmoud Galush, 18, of Yafo has been identified as one of the defendants. The names of the other two defendants have not been released to the public because of their ages. 

The three are charged with conspiracy to commit a crime, arms production, weapons possession and attempted aggravated assault of a police officer. 

According to the indictment, filed by attorney Sarit Shemesh, the attempted attack was inspired by the violent Arab protest in Yafo on October 6 over clashes on the Al-Aqsa Mosque. 

Two days later, Galush contacted the two minors to join him in attacking a police patrol car stationed near his home in the coastal city just south of Tel Aviv. 

The three decided to manufacture firebombs, and that same evening Galush brought home empty glass bottles from a nearby liquor store as well as a bottle of gasoline and rags. 

After putting on masks, the three went outside, each carrying a firebomb in his hand. 

According to the indictment, the defendants threw the firebombs at police on the corner of Nabatim Street. One of the firebombs fell near the feet of a policeman while a second caught fire and fell near the police. 

Galush then ran to a nearby position and threw his firebomb at security officers. The two minors fled. No one was injured in the attack.