Avraham Asher Hasno, 54, of Kiryat Arba, was run over by a truck with Palestinian Authority (PA) license plates near Hevron and killed Tuesday. The driver later turned himself over to PA police and said he had struck Hasno accidentally. There is no dispute over the fact that the truck hit Hasno, who had gotten out of his car and was wielding a club, after Arabs threw rocks at his car at the Al Fawar junction.

However, Arutz Sheva's analysis of Reuters photographs from the scene appears to indicate clearly that the driver is lying and that he executed Hasno in cold blood, in clear view of numerous witnesses, who may also be considered accomplices.

One photograph shows the moment at which the truck's front right tire is about to run over Hasno, who is prostrate after having been hit by the truck. The club he held in his hand a split second earlier is still flying through the air. His clothes – jeans and a purple colored shirt – are intact.

Importantly, the truck's tires are pointing rightward (the cameraman's left), and the driver also appears to be steering to the right.

The second photo also shows Hasno lying prostrate, right in front of the front right tire, but there are two key differences, compared to the first photo:

The first difference is that this time, the tire is pointing to the left.

Secondly, Hasno's clothes have been shredded.

This means he had already been run over by the truck at least once. And yet, he is lying in front of the tire, not behind it, as one would expect if the truck had run him over once, without reversing.

Photo 1
Photo 1Reuters
Photo 1 (detail)
Photo 1 (detail)Reuters
Photo 2
Photo 2Reuters
Photo 2 (detail)
Photo 2 (detail)Reuters

The only logical conclusion from the photos appears to be that the driver steered right to hit Hasno, then reversed, and was then preparing to drive over him again, this time with the tires pointing left.

Additional photos from the scene show an unconscious Hasno lying on the road with his shirt completely torn off. This would indicate that the driver ran over him several times.

Zooming in on the driver's face (below) appears to indicate he was calmly looking in the direction of the cameraman, apparently fully aware of what he was doing. 

A blood-chilling sight 

The paramedic who treated Hasno at the scene revealed shortly after returning from the incident that he had witnessed a blood-chilling sight while performing resuscitation attempts for the victim, which eventually failed as he died of his wounds.

Around the site where he was trying to save Hasno's life, the shocked paramedic said dozens of Arabs were standing around, and they clapped, celebrated and cheered as the victim lay critically wounded and dying on the pavement.

The Arabs celebrated with "cruelty that is hard to describe among human beings."

Hevron-based activist Baruch Marzel revealed that the authorities refused Hasno's request to carry a gun in the past.

The driver's face (photo 2 detail).
The driver's face (photo 2 detail).Reuters
Hasno before being run over.
Hasno before being run over.Reuters