Two Arab terrorists were shot dead on Tuesday night while conducting a stabbing attack adjacent to Peace House in Hevron, Judea.

In the attack an IDF soldier was lightly wounded by the terrorists.

An IDF statement revealed the terrorists approached two IDF soldiers standing guard, at which point one of the them stabbed a soldier lightly wounding him. The other soldier responded by opening fire and killing both terrorists.

Following the stabbing, dozens of residents of Kiryat Arba - which is located adjacent to Hevron - tried to make their way in a march to Peace House and hold a protest.

The residents said that the police have blocked off the area, and prevented them from passing.

Peace House is a sensitive site, which in March 2014 was finally recognized by the Supreme Court as having been duly purchased by its Jewish owners after a six-year-long trial and a ten-year-long struggle. The building strengthens the Jewish presence in the ancient city, where the Jewish patriarchs and matriarchs other than Rachel are buried.

The attack marks the fourth of the day in Judea.

Earlier two Jews were wounded by an Arab terrorist who ran them over at Gush Etzion Junction, before getting out of the car with a knife and being shot dead by IDF soldiers.

That attack was preceded by the murder of 55-year-old Avraham Hasno of Kiryat Arba, who was killed in a rock ambush attack.

Arab terrorists threw rocks at several cars at Al Fawar junction, southwest of Hevron, prompting Hasno to get out of his car, at which point an Arab driver ran him over in a truck before fleeing the scene.

Earlier in the day, a soldier in Hevron was stabbed by an Arab terrorist and lightly to moderately wounded while patrolling near the Hevron Hills village of Beit Awwa. His attacker was shot dead by soldiers.