Scene of Be'er Sheva attack
Scene of Be'er Sheva attack Meir Even Haim/Flash 90

The terrorist who carried out the deadly attack at Be'er Sheva's central bus station Sunday night was an Israeli Arab from the Bedouin town of Hura in the Negev, it has been released for publication.

He was identified as 21-year-old Muhaned Al-Okabi, who carried out the attack armed with a pistol and a knife.

Police arrested one of his family members overnight, who is suspected of having aided him in planning and carrying out his attack.

The terrorist's mother hails from Gaza, but she was allowed into sovereign Israeli territory after marrying an Arab citizen of Israel as part of the family reunification policy.

Further details of the case are still under a gag order, however.

One person was killed in the attack and nine others wounded - several seriously - when Al-Okabi shot a soldier, grabbed his automatic weapon and opened fire on a group of police standing in the station.

The terrorist was himself shot dead by security forces.

An Eritrean migrant worker was also fatally wounded in the attack, after being mistaken for a second terrorist. Amid the chaos and the confusion, security forces reportedly shot him in the lower body, and an angry mob began to beat him - believing he was a terrorist - before being dispersed by police.

He died of his wounds early Monday morning at Soroka hospital.

Hura, where the terrorist came from, has hit headlines earlier this year after security services broke up jihadist terror cells in the town.

In one particularly serious incident, security forces broke up an ISIS cell comprised largely of local teachers in Hura, who were recruiting fellow Bedouin - including children - to join the jihadists in Syria and potentially carry out attacks in Israel.

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