On Saturday, MSNBC host Kate Snow interviewed former NBC Tel Aviv Bureau Chief Martin Fletcher about the recent wave of terror attacks in Israel.

In an attempt to explain the history of the conflict, the screen showed a map labeled "Palestinian Loss of Land 1946 - Present." The image included four side-by-side maps of Israel, supposedly showing how Israel encroaches on Palestinian territory, with captions reading 1946UN Plan 19471949-1967, and Present.

At the same time, Snow stated that "We have a map that shows historically the areas that used to be Palestine in 1946 and then the UN plan there and then as it shrunk down to basically Gaza and the West Bank, right, and then present." Fletcher agreed with her assessment, and added that, unless there is a peace agreement, Israel will continue taking Palestinian land until there is none left.

The image is popular among anti-Israel groups and many took MSNBC's use of it to imply that it is the truth.

Aside from the issue that there has never been a sovereign state of Palestine to take land from, the maps contain a number of lies and inaccuracies designed to paint a false picture. The first marks all areas that Jews privately owned as yellow, while assuming that the entire rest of the region, which was under the British Mandate, belonged to Palestinians, although it did not.

The second map shows the UN partition plan, which was the first time that Palestinians were offered a state of their own. Instead of accepting it, though, the Arabs felt that any land for a Jewish state was too much, and they launched an attack in the hopes of destroying Israel completely.

The war ended with an armistice agreement and generally acknowledged borders, which did last until 1967, as the third map portrays. However, the green sections did not belong to "Palestine," but were instead conquered and annexed by Egypt and Jordan. For the 19 years in which those two countries controlled Gaza and Judea-Samaria, respectively, there were no UN resolutions or international pressure aimed at giving Palestinians their own nation.

The final map purports to show the current state of Israeli versus Palestinian control, but it too is missing important information. The areas labeled as green are under the autonomous rule of the Palestinian Authority, as granted by the Oslo Accords. The reason they appear small is because it was only intended to be a temporary trial, before handing over more territory. Like in 1947, this attempt at creating a Palestinian state failed due to Palestinian violence and complete rejection of the State of Israel.

A vigilant watcher named Daniel Laufer noted the falsehoods and tagged Martin Fletcher in a Facebook comment. Fletcher responded to Laufer by acknowledging that the first map was inaccurate, though he did not comment on the other three.

This case of poor reporting comes on the heels of another MSNBC scandal, in which its reporter tried to deny that a terrorist was unarmed, even as his own feed showed the attacker clearly holding a knife in his hand.