Scene of Damascus Gate stabbing
Scene of Damascus Gate stabbingHadas Parush/Flash 90

The topic of media bias during the current wave of Arab terrorism in Israel has already left many Israelis and their supporters livid, from headlines portraying Palestinian terrorists as victims, to Israeli security forces being accused of "excessive force" in dispatching the attackers and dealing with violent Arab riots.

The Israeli Government Press Office even took the rare move of rebuking the BBC over a particularly shocking headline, and Al Jazeera actually apologized for its own particularly egregious choice of wording. Nevertheless, the bizarre headlines continue almost unabated.

But the most blatant falsehoods have been promoted by Arab - and particularly Palestinian Authority - media outlets, who regularly report on terrorists shot while stabbing Israelis as if the attackers were unarmed victims of Israeli "aggression." Indeed, even PA chairman Mahmoud Abbas has attempted to portray attackers as victims.

Such propaganda is not usually repeated by international media outlets, but last week one American news anchor gave it a go - and was left with egg on his face, courtesy of the video footage taken by his own camera crew.

MSNBC's Ayman Mohyeldin was reporting on a stabbing near Jerusalem's Damascus Gate last Thursday, and repeated several times that the Arab man shot by Israeli police was unarmed, while emphasizing that he had been perfectly positioned to have seen a weapon were one present.

Unfortunately for Mohyeldin his own camera crew had caught the moment the terrorist rushed Israel security barriers and ignored police shouts to stop - while clearly holding a knife in his hand.

For several particularly cringeworthy moments, Mohyeldin continued to repeat his claim that police had shot an unarmed man, while producers displayed a large screenshot of the terrorist armed with a knife moment before being eliminated.

When the presenter finally noted the discrepancy, a sheepish Mohyeldin was forced into an equally cringeworthy climbdown.