UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon
UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moonReuters

In what is a very rare occurrence, on Friday, UN Secretary General (UNSG) Ban Ki-Moon singled out the Palestinian side for censure, and condemned the “arson attack by Palestinian protesters against Joseph’s Tomb in Nablus.” 

This “reprehensible act is yet another example of the escalating violence in the region, threatening to further inflame sensitivities owing to the religious significance of Joseph’s Tomb,” he added.

 It is extremely rare when the United Nations, or the UN Secretary General himself, singles out Palestinian terrorism or explicitly recognizes the Jewish “religious significance” of any holy site, let alone one located in Judea and Samaria.

UNSG Ban’s exceedingly unusual condemnation of a Palestinian terror act on its own, and not merely as part of the “cycle of violence,” came hot on the heels of Israeli UN Ambassador Danon’s truth-to-power exposure of Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas’s virulent non-stop campaign of incitement of the Palestinian masses, and his indoctrination and exhortation of Palestinian children to stab and murder Jewish Israelis by claiming their “dirty Jewish feet desecrated” the Temple Mount.

It is still the United Nations after-all, however, so UNSG Ban additionally welcomed “President Abbas’ immediate condemnation of the attack and his announcement that a committee has been established to conduct a full investigation of the crime.” 

It is, however, not likely that Abbas will charge his investigators to probe his own personal incendiary comments which Danon, earlier on Friday, traced as the root cause of the latest round of Palestinian terror-murders of Israeli civilians.

Also unusually, UNSG Ban omitted his usual mantra-mumbo-jumbo about the Two-State ‘solution’ and instead, merely called on “all sides to respect the sanctity of all holy sites, refrain from any inflammatory actions or statements and reject the extremist elements that are pursuing a political agenda seeking to transform the current situation into a religious conflict.”

It is very possible that Danon’s straight-talk about the Palestinian Authority as a terror Incubator – and the influence it may have had on UNSG Ban – have already done much to expose the Palestinian Authority as the true terrorist-pre-state that it is.