IDF soldier by Hevron mosque
IDF soldier by Hevron mosqueNati Shohat/Flash 90

On Saturday night, after three consecutive stabbings or stabbing attempts took place in Hevron and the adjacent town of Kiryat Arba in Judea over the course of the day, Attorney Itamar Ben-Gvir demanded the incitement fueling the attacks be uprooted.

Ben-Gvir, who is a resident of Hevron, said, "on Friday afternoon the (mosque) minaret in Hevron doesn't stop inciting."

"Anyone who lives in the area could have heard his shouts: 'Al-Aqsa (Mosque on the Temple Mount - ed.), el Yahud ('the Jew' in Arabic - ed.), Israel,'" noted the lawyer.

"Ten minutes after his speech the attack on the cross-Judea (highway) went into action, and since then there's been a flow (of attacks)," he said, indicating the stabbing on Friday in which an Arab terrorist disguised as a photojournalist moderately wounded an IDF soldier in the Hevron area.

"I demand that the Hevron division commander stop the incitement, disconnect the (loudspeakers of the) minarets in Hevron and conduct an administrative arrest against the inciters," urged Ben-Gvir.

Remarking on the quick response of security forces in shooting dead attacking terrorists, he added, "the elimination at the scene (of terrorists) is important, but it's more important to uproot the inciters who send the murderers and then walk free."

A spate of attacks took place in Hevron and nearby Kiryat Arba on Saturday following the Friday stabbing.

On Saturday morning a Jewish civilian managed to shoot an Arab terrorist dead before he could stab him, and later in Kiryat Arba a female Arab terrorist stabbed and lightly wounded a female Border Police officer before the officer managed to shoot her dead.

Later on Saturday night an Arab terrorist stabbed and moderately wounded an IDF soldier in Hevron, before being shot and seriously wounded.