Police in Tel Aviv (file)
Police in Tel Aviv (file) Flash90

More calls have been made to police hotlines than ever before over the past month due to the upswing in Arab terror nationwide, a recent survey reveals. 

The Israel Police's national 100 hotline now handles an average of 30,000 calls per day, Walla! News reports - with 60% calling the Tel Aviv District Police branch of the hotline alone. 

Brig. Gen. Yoram Ohayon, commander of the Tel Aviv District, revealed that at least part of the influx is due to extra alertness about suspicious persons or objects - as well as the proliferation of false rumors on social media and chat apps such as WhatsApp. 

Ohayon emphasized that while being on alert is a good thing, the public must exercise some discretion in what they do and don't believe. He called on Israelis to turn to police reports and official media for updates and to continue their daily lives.

That said, he stressed, civilians must not take the law into their own hands. 

Ohayon gave the warning after a massive wave of attacks in the capital, as well as stabbing attacks nationwide, have prompted Israelis to arm themselves against terrorists - often using unconventional means. 

"Not every event is a terror attack, there are also criminal events," he said. "Only police forces are trained and know how to deal with them."