Pregnancy (illustrative)
Pregnancy (illustrative)Flash 90

When Rachel and her husband discovered that the medical issues surrounding the birth of their second child would not allow her to carry a pregnancy again (at the risk of her life), they were devastated.

Adoption was not an option for now, and for a few years they tried to come to terms with their small but lovely family.

It was her doctor who suggested surrogacy. Rachel had never met anyone who had chosen this path, and though she found a lot of women over the Internet who had done this, none of them were Orthodox Jews.

Rachel's struggles did not deter her from her optimism, her spiritual connection to Hashem, or from her (unfounded) worries of criticism on the part of family or friends.

Listen to Rachel's challenging but successful journey through acquiring rabbinic permission, finding a woman who would carry their child, medical and legal procedures, and finally, a healthy baby.

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