Mahmoud Zahar
Mahmoud Zahar Reuters

Hamas continues to make clear that its ultimate goal is to drive all Jews out of what it perceives to be “Palestinian land”.

Senior Hamas member Mahmoud al-Zahar on Wednesday said he sees the latest terror wave as a springboard for “the liberation of all of Palestine”.

"The struggle against the occupation is strong and deep, and the Palestinian people cannot give it up," Zahar said in a speech in Gaza, adding that an armed struggle is no shame for any organization or movement, but a plan which all the Palestinian people embrace.

Zahar called on Arab countries to begin the establishment of an “Al-Quds Army” to help in the “liberation” of so-called “Palestinian land”. He who negotiates the Palestinian basic principles and gives up on them does not represent the Palestinian people, he added, calling for the abolishment of the Palestinian Authority’s security forces.

Finally, he stressed that "the borders of 1948 and the borders of 1967 are temporary borders and our goal is to liberate all of Palestine."

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