Border fence (file)
Border fence (file)Flash 90

The defense establishment is expected to move forward with plans to construct a massive fence along the border with Gaza, similar to one existing along the Israeli-Egyptian border. 

After a year of working on plans but no allocation of funds, the IDF's Southern Command is finally expected to receive the greenlight for the construction of a 65-km-long tall fence. 

The overall plan, called "Southern Light," however, includes the erection of two massive barriers to run the length of the border with Gaza. 

Amid an ongoing wave of terror across Israel, Palestinians in Gaza have made several attempts in recent days to breach the current border force and enter the Jewish state. 

In an incident last Saturday night, a group of 40 Gazans broke through the border fence amid rioting on the Gaza side, in a very palpable security threat.

They made it several meters into Israeli territory near the Kissufim kibbutz, before being repelled by IDF forces. Several Gazans were arrested in the incident. 

Three Palestinians rioters were killed and 17 more wounded in an attempted border breach on Friday when soldiers responded to youths throwing rocks and other projectiles at them.

In response to the attempted infiltrations, the heads of four regional councils in the Gaza Belt region called on both the Defense Minister and the Prime to immediately advance stalled plans to build a barricade the entire length of the Gaza border.