Yair Lapid
Yair Lapid Flash 90

Yesh Atid chairman MK Yair Lapid on Wednesday blasted the UN’s agency for “Palestinian refugees”, UNRWA, over its statement on Monday in which it expressed "deep alarm" at the loss of Palestinian terrorists' lives, but completely ignored the Israeli victims in the latest terror wave.

“Your organization, which has consistently shown a total disregard for the security and well-being of the State of Israel and the lives of our citizens, released a 773 word statement calling to stem the violence and dedicated not a single word, not one to Israeli victims of terrorism,” Lapid wrote in a letter to the organization. “Not a word about the two parents murdered in front of their four children, a 13 year old stabbed in the street or Jews murdered on their way back from praying at Judaism holiest site.”

“Jews are being stabbed, run-over and shot across the country in acts of wanton violence, yet a United Nations agency fails to utter even a single word of condemnation,” he continued.

“The statement describes the impact on the Palestinians in detail but does not dedicate even a single word to the essential context that many of those killed and injured were engaged in violence and terrorism against innocent civilians.

“While we have all become sadly accustomed to the bias raging through UNRWA this is a particularly sensitive time and there is nothing more irresponsible than fanning the flames of hatred as you have done,” wrote Lapid, who noted that the latest wave of terrorism “has been triggered and inflamed by lies and distortions about the Temple Mount. The language used to describe the measures being taken by the Israeli security services to protect our civilians only serves to excuse violent attacks against them.”

“The United Nations, ostensibly committed to maintaining ‘international peace and security’ and ‘the prevention and removal of threats to the peace’ should be working to calm the situation, not inflame the Palestinian sense of injustice and intensify the violence,” he added.

“This latest statement disgraces the United Nations and I call upon you as the Commission-General of UNRWA and upon the Secretary-General of the United Nations to condemn this statement and instead call upon the Palestinian Authority to end the incitement which is driving this wave of terrorism,” concluded Lapid.

UNRWA has continuously come under fire for its turning a blind eye towards incitement against Israel in the schools it runs in Gaza.

Just last month, an expose by the UN Watch NGO revealed that teachers in UNRWA-run schools were posting graphic images encouraging anti-Semitic stereotypes and terrorist attacks against Jews, and even glorifying Nazism.