Funeral for Alon Guverg
Funeral for Alon Guverg Hezki Ezra

Hundreds attended the funeral Wednesday of 51-year-old Alon Guverg, the second victim of the shooting and stabbing spree on a Jerusalem intracity bus in Armon HaNetziv on Tuesday. 

Among the attendees were Rabbi Aryeh Stern, Ashkenazic Chief Rabbi of Jerusalem, and Rabbi Yaakov Shapira, the Rosh Yeshiva (Dean) of Merkaz HaRav. 

Arutz Sheva was at the ceremony, and caught footage of an emotional moment: when all the attendees sung the song 'L'maan Achai V'Rei," a song of brotherhood and solidarity, just before the eulogies began. 

"Unfortunately we see Jews being killed in the streets of Israel because they are Jews," Rabbi Stern eulogized. "Everyone feels a sense of shared destiny during these moments." 

Compounding the tragedy, Guverg had no living relatives to tend to his funeral - but in a touching show of Jewish unity hundreds of total strangers stepped in, flocking to his funeral alongside his ailing mother and a handful of neighbors.

"The residents of the neighborhood came to give their last respects to the victim," the head of the Garin Torani, the community of Orthodox Jews, in Armon HaNetziv, Rabbi Golan Gabbay, stated. Rabbi Gabbay blocked the terrorists with his car during the attack. "Although he has no family, he has a family called the Jewish people." 

ZAKA Chairman Yehuda Meshi-Zahav, who issued this morning an open call to participate in the funeral said that "despite the pain, we are pleased to see the unity of the people of Israel, and all the people who came here despite not being related to the deceased."

CEO of Bnei Akiva Danny Hirschberg who also arrived for the funeral commented, "We are here with the people of Israel. Religious, haredi and secular Jews. We weep over the murdered Jews, the Jewish blood spilled - this is what connects us."

"We have no barriers, just unity."