Shortly after the lethal car attack on Geula's Malachei Yisrael Street, which took place in central Jerusalem even as a bus was attacked in the capital's southeast, Arutz Sheva arrived on scene to hear eyewitness testimony from the terrorist attack.

One eyewitness, Meir, said, "I got on my bike with a friend a moment before it happened. I just told him about the terror attacks that happened yesterday and how frightening it is. We went up there, I told him it's scary to ride a bike, I'm afraid an Arab will come and run us over. I just happened to say that to him."

His comment just a moment before Bezeq telephone company employee Alaa Abu Jamal rammed his company car into pedestrians before exiting with a knife drawn, murdering one victim named as Rabbi Yeshiyahu Krishevsky and lightly wounding another.

"A minute later I hear a huge boom, we turned around and I told him let's get off (the bikes). We went back and right away I saw...wounded Jews covered in blood, and the terrorist was there, someone had a handgun and he fired off a shot (at the terrorist). He was still moving and there was a knife on the ground," said Meir, noting the terrorist had gotten out of his car.

"He got out of the car to stab, I don't know if he managed to stab or not. The army came right away, they gave him another ten bullets or so. A second earlier I had been there and I was saved by a miracle. It was scary."

Speaking about the emotional impact of the terror, Meir said, "it's frightening to walk around the streets. Every second you look around saying 'who's that, who are they, he looks Arab.' I'm afraid to take two steps in the street."

The witness said that Rabbi Krishevsky was "someone who buys from me all the time at the store here," noting the murdered man was a regular customer at the store where he sells roasted seeds and nuts.

"I identified him, they sent me a picture immediately and I knew it was him, he bought from me all the time. It's just scary, we've had enough."

"I passed out screwdrivers"

Miriam, another witness, said, "I heard 'attack, attack, terrorist, terrorist!' I grabbed the tools in my store, specifically screwdrivers, and distributed them out to people so they could run (and subdue the terrorist - ed.)."

Describing the panic, she noted "things were falling out of people's hands here, they ran - it was intense. I heard gunfire, I thought it was a shooting attack but I understood they neutralized the terrorist."

When asked about her quick response in the face of danger, Miriam noted, "we're always in a state of tension, in Jerusalem you're always on guard. We know that in Jerusalem it's always on guard, more than any other city."

"I have everything on me, I have tear gas, everything on me. Always on guard," she repeated.

Miriam said that things had noticeably calmed down since the attack, urging, "we have to return to the routine, and not let them defeat us."

"Open miracles"

Yet another witness, Muli, told Arutz Sheva, "the street has returned to routine, of course there's tension in the air."

"We've noticed that every attack that's happened - today and yesterday, in the recent period - there are open miracles," he said, noting how things could have ended differently and even more tragically.

He described the attacking, noting that "a worker of the company Bezeq, who doesn't even look suspicious, arrives with a huge knife, a butcher's knife, and if the local security guard hadn't been here there could have been dozens more murdered here."

"It's certainly a huge miracle, and the nation of Israel lives and exists, and is returning to routine."