An Arab terrorist attempted to snatch an IDF soldier's gun near Chords Bridge in Jerusalem on Monday evening, before being neutralized by security forces. 

גשר המיתרים

Initial reports suggest the terrorist got on the 185 Superbus bus, then attempted to snatch the gun from a 20 year-old soldier there after attempting first to strangle him. He was also brandishing a knife. 

Seeing the commotion, the bus driver stopped immediately; the soldier and another passenger managed to overcome the terrorist, removing him from the bus. 

Israel Police already stationed near the Bridge then neutralized the terrorist, shooting him dead after he grabbed the gun of one of the officers. 

Magen David Adom (MDA) and United Hatzalah medics have arrived at the scene and are treating two people suffering from light injuries. Walla! News reports that both had been stabbed by the terrorist before he made to grab the soldier's gun, but this has yet to be confirmed. 

"I was on my way home teaching a First Aid course, driving behind a mobile police unit," MDA medic Yair Bir stated from the scene. "I saw the cops leave and run toward a nearby bus, so I immediately took a first aid kid with me." 

"When police officers entered the bus to neutralize the terrorist and I went to the young man of about 20 who had suffered a stab wound in the face, bandaged him and gave him first-aid treatment," he said. "Only minutes later an MDA ambulance arrived to take him to the hospital." 

He added that a second man was treated for shock and also transferred to hospital for treatment. 

Ze'ev Kashash, Chairman of Hatzalah, arrived within seconds of the attack. 

"When I arrived at the scene there were still gunshots," he said."Security forces acted quickly and prevented the terrorist from stabbing or otherwise harming civilians." 

Cynthia Blank contributed to this report

צילום: בן ציון שיפטין
צילום: בן ציון שיפטין
צילום: בן ציון שיפטין