F-16 fighter jet (illustrative)
F-16 fighter jet (illustrative) Flash 90

French air strikes in Syria have probably killed French jihadists, a source in the delegation of Prime Minister Manuel Valls said on Monday during a visit to neighboring Jordan.

"The strikes have killed jihadists. There might well be French jihadists among them," the source said.

The source said he could not confirm a figure of six French jihadists killed which he said probably came from a Syrian non-governmental organisation.  

France's defense ministry said on Sunday that French citizens were in a training camp for Islamic State group (ISIS) jihadists that was hit by French air strikes last week.

"We targeted a training camp where there were foreign Daesh fighters trained to come and attack us in France," a ministry source said, using another acronym for ISIS.  

"Among them, there were French nationals and French speakers. We were targeting foreign fighters, not French nationals in particular."

The defense ministry acknowledged Monday that French citizens or French speakers may have been among those killed in the camp, which reportedly lies five kilometers (three miles) southwest of Raqqa, the Syrian town widely considered to be IS's center of power.

But it added it could not "confirm with accuracy anything related to this bombing."

"We know that this camp aimed to train fighters to come attack Europe and France," the ministry told AFP.

Valls said that France would strike anyone planning attacks on its soil, regardless of nationality.

"Anyone who joins these training camps, anyone who joins Daesh should know that they can now be attacked," the French premier said on Sunday.

"We do not ask what passport this or that person has but we strike anyone preparing attacks against France."

AFP contributed to this report.