Site of Lion's Gate attack
Site of Lion's Gate attackMDA Spokesperson Jerusalem

On Monday morning an Arab terrorist attempted to conduct a stabbing attack at the Lion's Gate of the Old City in Jerusalem, located on the eastern face of the Old City adjacent to the Temple Mount.

Despite initial differing reports regarding a possible casualty, it was clarified that the terrorist did not succeed in his attempt of stabbing a Jewish security guard.

The terrorist was shot dead during his stabbing attempt, and large police forces are currently manning the area.

Police report that the terrorist reached the site from the Muslim cemetery adjacent to the Gate, walking with his hand in his pocket. A Border Police officer suspected the man and ordered him to stop for inspection and take his hand out of his pocket.

The terrorist instead advanced on the officer with a knife in his hand and stabbed him in his flak jacket, fortunately inflicting no wounds. The officers quickly responded by shooting the terrorist and neutralizing him.

The gate was the site of a stabbing attack last week amid the rising wave of terrorist attacks currently beleaguering Israel.

That previous attack at the Lion's Gate took place last Wednesday morning, and in it a female Arab terrorist stabbed a 36-year-old man after sneaking up on him from behind, moderately wounding him. The victim was able to shoot his attacker, seriously wounding her.

Shortly afterwards the family of the terrorist aged in her twenties clashed with police at the Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital where she and her victim were being treated, with at least one family member arrested.

The terror attacks have continued, with four wounded Sunday night in an attack by an Arab terrorist who first ran over his victims and then stabbed several others, in an attack at a bus station near Gan Shmuel on Highway 65 in northern Israel, between Hadera and Afula.

One of the victims, a female soldier, continues on Monday morning to be in serious condition. The rest of the victims were defined as suffering from light to moderate wounds.

The terrorist was identified as Alla Raeed Ahmed Zayud, 20, a resident of Umm El Fahm and an Israeli citizen. He had been allowed to live in the Israeli Arab city through a policy of reuniting families, with his father hailing from a town outside Jenin in northern Samaria.

Ziwad ran over two soldiers including the seriously wounded female soldier, and then got out and began stabbing passersby. He was apprehended by police officers and civilians at the scene.