Old Mideast map
Old Mideast map Thinkstock

Israel has been besieged by an unprecedented number of terror attacks over the past two weeks, with attacks on Jews from Kiryat Arba to Afula.

As the Israeli public struggles to keep up with the frequency of the attacks, one nonprofit has taken the news to an all-new level on Tuesday - by mapping them on an interactive platform. 

Pro-Israel nonprofit StandWithUs debuted their "Mapping Terror" map on Sunday, using the MapMe platform.

Mapme builds a visual reference map around an "ecosystem" - a focal point such as, for example, kosher restaurants, hummus places, or startups in a particular area. The platform was launched by 21 year-old American-Israeli blogger Ben Lang, the founder of International Hummus Day and World Falafel Day, and a talented tech team. 

Here, however, it builds a stark visual picture of Israel's security situation, which has seen several terror attacks per day since the beginning of this month. 

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