IDF elite counter-terrorism force
IDF elite counter-terrorism force Nati Shohat/Flash 90

The recent spate of terror attacks in Israel are the result of a planned network, the Head of Israel Police's Operations Unit, Deputy Commissioner Aharon Aksol, asserted in an interview with Army Radio on Sunday. 

"There is no doubt that these events are not spontaneous events just happening, in a moment, when people wake up and decide to disturb public order," Aksol contended. 

"The northern branch of the Islamic Movement is indeed a guiding hand on these issues and we know how to handle the movement." 

"All the arrests, expulsions, restrictions on people entering the Temple," he continued. "I assume the actions we are taking against this thing will ultimately generate benefits."

The deputy commissioner also addressed a thwarted stabbing attack in Afula, in which a female terrorist was neutralized by police. 

Responding to criticism over shooting the knife-wielding terrorist, Aksol said that "as far as I understand it, and I know the incident, the police acted excellently, as is expected of them."

"Ultimately, both in terms of our officers, in terms of their training, the parameters for opening fire are very clear - means and intent."

"Let's not turn the terrorist into a victim. There's a terrorist, who, at the end of the day, came to stab people...It's not as if this were a woman innocently walking down the street who was fired on," Aksol concluded. 

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