M-16 used to murder Henkins
M-16 used to murder HenkinsIsrael Security Agency

In the context of its investigation of the Hamas terrorists involved in the brutal murder of a young couple last Thursday, the Israel Security Agency (ISA) has seized the murder weapon - even as a senior officer reveals the terrorists didn't resist arrest at all.

The weapon, a short M-16 semi-automatic assault rifle with an advanced scope attached, was used to murder Rabbi Eitan and Naama Henkin as they were driving with their four children just outside Itamar in Samaria.

The murder weapon
The murder weaponIsrael Security Agency

The weapon was found hidden in a store belong to one of the arrested members of the terror cell in Shechem (Nablus), Samaria. It was seized on Monday night during joint ISA and IDF operations.

The investigation of the five-man terror cell is ongoing, but a senior IDF officer has revealed that the cell did not resist their arrest in any way, exhibiting very unusual behavior for wanted terrorists.

"When we arrived to arrest them there was no opposition on their part and they didn't particularly hide in tunnels, mountains or hideout apartments - several of them we found in the apartments of their parents or aunt, and they were without weapons, and there was no resistance from their part," revealed the source.

It may be that the terror cell was counting on the fact that Arab terrorists receive perks in jail, as well as massive salaries from the Palestinian Authority (PA), and have gone free in huge batches in numerous occasions in the past, including 78 terrorists released by the last coalition government simply as a "gesture" for peace talks.

According to the officer, the cell had been organized in just around a week, and a previous attempt to conduct a shooting about a month ago failed.

In the attack last week, the four children of the Henkin family apparently were saved by the fact that one of the terrorists accidentally shot another in the hand.