Jewish Home MK Moti Yogev on Tuesday morning joined dozens of Jewish demonstrators at the site of Saturday night's deadly stabbing and shooting attack in the Old City of Jerusalem.

In a show of defiance, as youths chanted nationalist slogans Yogev (in the blue shirt) opened his parliamentary office at the site where Aharon Banita-Bennett and Rabbi Nechemia Lavi were murdered, and several others - including Banita-Bennett's wife and infant daughter - were wounded by an Islamist terrorist.

But when an Arab woman passed by and hurled curses and insults at the group, Yogev left his "office" and blocked her path, telling police he would not stand by as supporters of terrorism gloated at the very site of a murderous attack.

As a result - and despite attempts by police to persuade Yogev to move - the woman was forced to return the way she came.

According to Adelle Banita-Bennett - who suffered severe wounds in the attack which killed her husband - Arab residents in the area openly supported the attack, mocking, spitting at and even physically assaulting her as she ran bleeding, pleading for help.