Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu visited the bedside of Adele Bennet-Benita, whose husband Aharon Benita Bennett, 21, was murdered in the Old City of Jerusalem on Saturday night.

"All of us together, the entire nation of Israel is crying with you for your loss," Netanyahu said, but he added that there was also "maybe even a small miracle" in what happened and did not happen.

Adele managed a small smile: "A big miracle," she agreed. "We received two children as a gift.

"They had murder in their eyes," she recalled. "They were drinking coke meanwhile... laughed in my face... I ran and cried for help... you could see the hatred in their eyes! You could see that everything was planned, they knew how to do it..."

Netanyahu replied: "There's one thing I can tell you - you are a big heroine."

Adele said "I try, I need to..." when her mother spoke up and noted: "He too is a hero, the other martyr – thanks to him I have grandchildren." She was referring to Rabbi Nechemya Lavi, who was murdered after he ran from his home to the scene of the attack and tried to save Bennet-Benita.

"Indeed. No doubt about it," Netanyahu agreed.

"Adele," he said, "may you find much strength, and with G-d's help overcome and raise your wonderful children."

Gil Ronen contributed to this report.