Galloway (L) with Hamas leader Haniyeh
Galloway (L) with Hamas leader HaniyehFlash90

Former member of the UK Parliament George Galloway is encouraging Palestinians to begin a third intifada.

Earlier today (Sunday) Galloway tweeted, "A new intifada may have begun in Palestine. Or won't be long delayed. Whenever it comes I will support it with every breath God gives me."

Galloway served as an MP from 1987 until this past March, with the exception of two years between 2010 and 2012. Throughout this time he has cultivated a reputation for loudly expressing extreme views. He supported both the Soviet Union (he told the Guardian that its collapse was "the biggest catastrophe of my life") and Saddam Hussein.

In recent years he has hosted a show on Press TV, an official channel of the Iranian government.

He is most widely known, though, for his determined anti-Israel stances. In 2009 he donated £25,000 ($38,000 US) to Hamas and in 2013 he walked out of an Oxford debate after learning that his opponent was an Israeli citizen.

Galloway has been denied entry into Canada for supporting terrorists, but UK courts have rejected attempts to disqualify him from running for elections.