On Saturday, during the Jewish Sabbath, Palestinians claimed that a Jewish resident of Judea-Samaria shot and wounded a six-year-old child near to Kalkilyeh, lightly wounding him.

According to initial Palestinian claims, the child was standing by the side of the road when an Israeli car stopped close by. At that point, they claimed, a "settler" emerged, drew his weapon and shot the child in his stomach. The child was then transferred for treatment in Kalkiyeh.

However, after investigating the incident Civil Administration investigators quickly revealed that the child had in fact been wounded when he accidentally discharged a weapon he had been playing with with a friend.

After interviewing witnesses, the investigators further revealed that the child's family had then fabricated the story of a "settler attack" in order to avoid the victim's brother, who owned the firearm, from getting into trouble with authorities, as well as to be eligible for "settler violence" compensation from the Palestinian Authority.