Avi Naim at the funeral
Avi Naim at the funeralYoni Kempinski

Arutz Sheva got to speak with Beit Aryeh Regional Council Head Avi Naim, who is also director of the local security council in his region of Samaria, during the funeral of Rabbi Eitam and Naama Henkin in Jerusalem on Friday morning.

"It's a very difficult emotion, a young couple murdered on their way home leaving four orphaned children - the heart simply pains and the eyes tear," he said, speaking of the murder of the young couple who were gunned down in their car in front of their children.

Switching to a call for action, he continued, "what do we do? We do the right thing to do, and it's only dependent on us, it's just dependent on the government of Israel."

"The government of Israel must decide that Judea and Samaria are an inseparable part of Israel and treat them as such, (they must) allow the regional council heads to build, to develop the land, to untie the hands of the IDF, to stop the policy of containment, and to treat every terror event seriously."

"Then the other side will understand that we have full rights to this land, and will know their place," he added.

When asked how those "full rights" sit with Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's declared vision of a two state solution in his UN speech on Thursday, Naim said, "listen, 20 years ago I heard diplomats say the regime in Syria is stable and we have to evacuate the Golan Heights."

"In the end you know who the prophecy was given to. I have no doubt that no other state aside from Israel will arise between the (Mediterranean) Sea and the Jordan (River)."

Regarding the constant scourge of Arab terrorists hurling rocks at Israeli cars in Judea and Samaria, he said recent adjustments to the law allowing greater penalties against the assailants have had some limited effects.

"I know that the changes have caused the other side to rethink things a little, still there are dozens of incidents, and the more that we firmly let the other side know that we will let the army and the police act with force in a way that doesn't give a sense of disunity (i.e. the sense that security forces don't have backing - ed.) - in this way it will end."

"If that doesn't happen we will see the security situation getting more and more serious here, and that's in effect what we're seeing. It started with rocks, moved on to firebombs, and now we're already seeing shootings."

"It's all just dependent on us," concluded Naim. "We need to understand and act in the correct manner, which is first of all correct for the people of Israel."

Video of the interview in Hebrew can be seen below.

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