Dershowitz at anti-Rouhani protest
Dershowitz at anti-Rouhani protestMark Langfan

During a blistering attack on Iranian president Hassan Rouhani and President Barack Obama’s Iran deal, Prof. Alan Dershowitz made the stunning accusation that Obama “realizes that what the United States is doing [with the Iran deal] today amounts essentially to a crime.”

“What is that crime? That crime is providing material support to terrorism. And, what does this deal do? It provides tens of billions, perhaps hundreds of billions of dollars of material support for terrorism,” he intoned, at a demonstration by Iranian opponents of the Rouhani regime, held outside UN Headquarters in New York Monday .

In an later exclusive interview with Arutz Sheva, Dershowitz also stated he believed that the Republicans were “tricked” by President Obama into passing the Corker Iran Nuclear Review Amendment which, while framed as a bipartisan compromise, guaranteed in effect that the Iran deal would be approved.

We asked specifically if the Republicans are not as complicit as Obama in passing the Iranian deal, because it was the Corker Amendment made it possible for Obama to get the deal through Congress despite the majority's objection.

Prof. Dershowitz agreed: “I think it was a terrible mistake that the Corker Amendment was passed. I think the Republicans were tricked into doing it. I don’t think they thought through the implications of how this would allow the President to get the deal through with a majority against it, both the House and the Senate, and a majority against them among the American people. The big victims, though, are the American people, the people of Israel, the people of the Middle East, and people in the world who want to see Iran without a nuclear weapon.”

Prof. Dershowitz opened by stating he was speaking out “for the wonderful people of Iran who are oppressed by terrible leaders of Iran.” He added that “the UN has become a podium and a lectern for the most oppressive and the most reactionary forces” in the world.

Today, Dershowitz explained, “Rouhani is the propaganda President of Iran... Because he the smiling face of a puppet of the tyrannical leadership of the Ayatollah Khamenei.”

Earlier in the speech, focusing on Rouhani, Dershowitz informed the thronging crowd that Rouhani “has presided over the brutal execution of more innocent people than even what [the previous president, Mahmoud] Ahmedinjihad presided over. But, at least Ahmedinjihad was totally honest. Ahmedinjihad presented himself as a bigot, as a Holocaust denier, as a defender of repression, as a hater of the United States, as a hater of all things decent. He was replaced by a smiling face, a propaganda expert who actually presents a moderate image to the world, but it’s a false moderate image.”

Dershowitz then rhetorically wished he could summon all the witnesses to the barbarity, falsehood and lies of Rouhani’s face “smiling face.” He asked for “the hundreds of thousands of people who have been murdered in cold blood by this regime in the name of its reactionary and repressive philosophy; the wonderful Iranian homosexuals who were hanged to death for being homosexuals; the Bahias that were murdered, the Muslims, the Christians, the Jews, who were murdered by this regime.” But, unfortunately, Dershowitz stated, “The one thing the Rouhani / Ahmedinjihad / Khamenei / Khomeini regime specializes in is killing off witnesses. The last thing this regime wants is truth.”

Then Dershowitz attacked the Obama-Iran nuclear deal on the grounds that he explained in his latest book, “The Case Against the Iran Deal.”

Critically, he added that the deal would enable “Hundreds of billions of dollars to Iran to enable them to increase their repression everywhere in the world, most especially in Iran, but also the power to export terror to Lebanon and Syria in support for the terrorist leader Assad, to Yemen, to Iraq.”