Funeral of terrorist in Hevron
Funeral of terrorist in Hevron Flash 90

The Palestinian woman shot on Tuesday morning at an Israeli army checkpoint had been planning to conduct a terror attack for months, despite Palestinian reports she was an innocent bystander.

Palestinian eyewitnesses at the Hashoter checkpoint in Hevron claim Hadeel al-Hashlamon, 18, was shot for no reason, though the IDF maintains she was gunned down only after trying to stab a soldier. 

An investigation into the incident, Channel 2 reports Thursday, reveals that al-Hashlamon was known to the Israel Security Agency and had long expressed a desire to commit a terrorist act. 

In recent months, al-Hashlamon told friends on numerous occasions she wanted "do something" and carry out an attack. The day before the incident in Hevron, she asked to separate from her husband and told him they would not see each other again. 

Photographs disseminated by the Palestinian activist group "Youth Against Settlements," however, seems to portray al-Hashlamon as standing far away from IDF forces with no knife in hand, while the soldiers' weapons are drawn. 

Israeli authorities are investigating the suspicion that al-Hashlamon may have coordinated the attack, and its documentation, in advance, having arrived on scene at the same time as the Palestinian photographer. 

Al-Hashlamon was severely injured as a result of the gunfire, and died later on Tuesday at a Jerusalem-area hospital.