Arab rock-throwers
Arab rock-throwersSTR/Flash 90

MK Bezalel Smotrich (Jewish Home) filed a new bill Monday which seeks to establish a minimum sentence for rock-throwers and Molotov cocktail throwers, following the rise in terrorism in and around Jerusalem. 

The new bill postulates that anyone who throws a rock, a Molotov cocktail, or participates in such events as a violent riot, will be sentenced to a minimum of two years in Israeli prison under the law. 

A separate section asks to apply the law to minors from the age of 14 - as many rock-throwers are still teenagers - and to charge anyone who causes a death through rock-throwing or a Molotov cocktail attack as guilty of premeditated murder. 

Yet another section would give police forces permission to use "reasonable force," including possibly shooting, to prevent further rioting and catch terrorists. 

"Only last week we saw rocks kill," Smotrich stated, referring to the death of 64 year-old Jerusalemite Alexander Levlovitz in a rock attack. "We will not allow this terrorist rampage in the capital."

"It can't be that Jews are afraid to walk in the streets of Jerusalem," he continued. "Every mother who sends her children to harm Israeli citizens should know that blood is on his hands." 

"I suggest through this law that Israel restore deterrence and prevent terrorism immediately, and unfortunately the Attorney General is tying the hands of the government and security forces from carrying out their job," he added.

While Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu announced at a Sunday cabinet meeting that new rules were already in force, Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein has stalled the processNetanyahu wants to impose a five-year minimum sentence on rock throwers; Weinstein thinks the punishment should be 2.5 years. Regarding firebomb throwers, the prime minister wants the minimum sentence to be 10 years, and Weinstein will only announce his opinion on Thursday.