Abdullah II
Abdullah II Flash 90

Five members of the radical Arab Joint List visited King Abdullah II of Jordan Sunday and told him to turn up the pressure on Israel in opposition to any Jewish rights on the Temple Mount.

The five are MKs Ahmed Tibi, Usama Saadi, Jamal Zahalka, Taleb Abu Arar and Aida Touma Sliman.

Abu Arar said after the meeting that it had been “positive," and that the visitors had "raised the importance of the Hashemite Kingdom regarding the sovereignty over Al Aqsa, and the positive role that Jordan plays in the region, and we asked to put pressure on Israel in any way possible, to stop Jews from entering the Al Aqsa compound.”

"We made clear that [Prime Minister Binyamin] Netanyahu works day and night to change the status quo by any possible means, and he follows the agenda of the extremist Jewish NGOs, which have the destruction of Al Aqsa in their platforms, and the Jewish Home, which intends to divide the Al Aqsa compound in terms of time and area.”

"Netanyahu must not be trusted,” stressed the MK. “He has the Jewish voter in mind and he is not a peace partner, and not a partner who will accept the existing situation in the Al Aqsa Mosque.”

"Netanyahu misleads, and he feeds the violence, and claims he is acting against 'terror,' and that is what he tells the world... But the world has begun to understand that he is inciting in order to set fire to the region, so that he can carry out his intention under the guise of fighting terror. With my own eyes I saw the humiliation of the Waqf men and the Muslim worshipers by the security forces,” Abu Arar said.