Ramot Mall
Ramot Mall Yonatan Sindel/Flash90

Police in Jerusalem scrambled Sunday afternoon after receiving reports of a suspicious Arab man wielding either an ax or a hammer in the vicinity of the Ramot Mall in Jerusalem.

Police squad cars and border police quickly arrived at the scene, and before long spotter a man who matched the suspect's description.

When the suspect noticed the approaching police he began to flee in the direction of the Arab village of Bayt Ikhsa. 

A foot-chase ensued, with police firing in the air and eventually catching the man, who by then had apparently discarded the suspected weapon.

The suspect has been transferred for interrogation; as of yet no weapon has been located.

The security scare comes amid heightened tensions in the capital, as violence by Muslim extremists continues into a second week.

Most of the violence has been limited to the Temple Mount, the Old City,Arab neighborhoods and adjacent Jewish areas.

Israeli authorities have blamed increased incitement by the Palestinian Authority and Islamist groups, who are attempting to prevent Jews visiting the Temple Mount, Judaism's holiest site.

A police crackdown has resulted in dozens of arrests, but has yet to quell the violence.

Security forces have arrested 39 suspects involved in rock and firebomb attacks over the past two days alone - 12 in Judea and Samaria, and the remaining 27 in Jerusalem. 

On Saturday night, two firebombs were hurled in Nof Tzion, next to Jabal Mukaber - one of them penetrated a home, caught fire and caused damage.

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