ZAKA searches in Uman river for Amir Ohana
ZAKA searches in Uman river for Amir Ohana ZAKA

The Foreign Ministry confirmed on Saturday night that the body of Amir Ohana, the Israeli who went missing in Ukraine's Uman, has been found.

Ohana's body was found Saturday in a lake in the city, which is a popular destination for many Jews on Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year. His family has been informed.

The ZAKA rescue organization found the body of the unfortunate man, who suffered from epilepsy.

"One of the ZAKA volunteers who had flown out from Israel on Thursday saw the body floating in the river that runs through Uman," read a ZAKA statement on Saturday night. "Ohana z"l was found wearing his Shabbat clothes, without shoes or socks. It would appear that he had fallen into the river, after sitting on the river banks."

Apparently Ohana was struck by an epileptic fit while sitting by the river, and due to it he fell in and drowned.

"ZAKA is working together with the Israeli Foreign Ministry and the Israeli Embassy to bring the body back to Israel as soon as possible for burial."

Ohana, a married father of three from Bat Yam, had been missing since last Tuesday, when he went out to the woods to be alone on the last day of the two-day holiday.

The tragic discovery comes after volunteers in the ZAKA rescue organization, which had been conducting a massive search operation, reported last Friday that they had received important testimony from witnesses who had seen Ohana just before contact was lost with him.

Economics Minister Aryeh Deri (Shas) and Immigrant Absorption Minister Ze'ev Elkin (Likud), who is in Ukraine, had contacted ZAKA to lend their efforts. The ministers, together with the Foreign Ministry, set to work to get special permission to add ZAKA's canine unit to the efforts in Uman.

Deri also began working to receive a permit to dispatch divers to the river adjacent to the grave of the famous Rabbi Nahman of Breslov in Uman.

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