Israeli license plate (illustration)
Israeli license plate (illustration) Flash 90

Arab residents of Jerusalem have tampered their license plates to show a Nazi symbol instead of the flag of the State of Israel, Israeli news outlets revealed Friday. 

Israeli yellow license plates display a Jewish star to the left of the license number. Israel-hatred has taken a whole new level, however, with that star now being replaced with the black cross on red - a lesser-known Nazi symbol than the swastika - as well as the Reich's eagle. 

"Although these are isolated incidents in east Jerusalem, it is certainly disturbing," one Jerusalemite told Walla! News. 

Sergeant Eric Abulof, a Jerusalem firefighter, noticed another car with the symbol as he drove through downtown Jerusalem. He identified the vehicle via registration number as belonging to a resident of Umm Tuba. 

"For a moment I thought that the plate was foreign, but when I stopped behind him at the intersection I was horrified to see the Nazi symbol replace the Israeli flag on the license plate," he stated. 

Abulof even tried to give the driver benefit of the doubt, and only drew conclusions about the license plate's origin after checking the number with the registry. 

After confirming the symbols and their origin, Abulof, who hails from a family of Holocaust survivors, notified the police. 

"I just cannot get down on paper the feelings of anger towards the driver or car owner," he fumed. 

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