Arutz Sheva spoke on Wednesday to Yisrael Meir Nitay, the yeshiva student who was attacked by an Arab mob near the Temple Mount as he was returning from prayers on the eve of the Rosh Hashanah holiday.

“On the eve of the holiday, I came back from shacharit, walking towards my dorm. As I was walking down the street which leads towards the Western Wall and the Temple Mount, one Arab threw a water bottle at me, another Arab threw something else, they started kicking me. I started running away and more Arabs joined, they pushed me down to the ground at least twice, injured me. I then went to the hospital, my shoulder was broken. I couldn’t sleep the entire holiday,” he recalled.

Asked whether he called the police, Nitay said that while he indeed filed a complaint with the police, “they didn’t even write that it was of a nationalistic background.”

“They didn’t do anything. I know of at least two other people who were attacked and complained to the police and the police didn’t do anything. Someone said they should at least block the street. They didn’t listen,” he added.

Nitay’s attorney, Itamar Ben-Gvir, demanded that the rioters be arrested, noting that police knew their identities and that they would act immediately if it had been so-called “Jewish extremists”.

“We heard the Prime Minister today, speaking about how these people who tried to murder my client must be arrested, but with Netanyahu, as usual, it’s all talk and no action,” Ben-Gvir told Arutz Sheva.

“If the police wanted to, they would’ve found these people within one hour. There are surveillance cameras in the Old City. The police knows who is behind these attacks. They were photographed, documented, their faces were seen. Therefore, since more than three days have passed and there hasn’t been even one arrest, there’s only one conclusion: Netanyahu talks but when it comes to action, he’s a lot weaker. We demand that all these rioters be arrested,” he continued.

“I contacted the commander of the Jerusalem police today and I’m saying in the clearest possible way: These rioters must be arrested, they must be brought to trial, and detained until the end of the proceedings. I wonder what would happen if we were talking about people from Yitzhar or from Beit El...the police would arrest them that very second. How can it be that until this moment there have been no arrests?” asked Ben-Gvir.