Among the raging, sometimes violent Islamist gangs which regularly harass and periodically attack Jewish worshippers on the Temple Mount, Arab MKs often feature prominently, leading many Israelis to criticize their blatant abuse of parliamentary immunity in aid of violent extremist groups.

During the recent escalation in violence over the past several days their presence has increased even more.

Temple Mount activist Moshe Fuah captured on video one particular altercation involving no less than three MKs from the Arab Joint List party: Ahmed Tibi, Taleb Abu Arar and Jamal Zahalka.

In the first frame of the video, Tibi can be seen actually striking a police officer - a criminal offense - after which another policeman tells him "you just hit a police officer!"

Later, Tibi is seen barking at police that their very presence on the Temple Mount constitutes a provocation.

In the next video frame, taken on the same day, Abu Arar can be seen harassing Jewish visitors to the site - the holiest in Judaism - repeating Islamist claims that the Temple Mount has no Jewish connection whatsoever.

"What is there for you here? You don't have one centimeter here! Shame on you!" the Islamist MK can be heard shouting.

The third and final frame features Zahalka, standing next to Tibi, "ordering" police to leave the holy site: "You need to get out of here, there is no place for you here - take your things and leave!"

The video ends with a call for Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to apply Israeli sovereignty to the Temple Mount.

Under an arrangement aimed at placating Muslim extremists, Israel handed control of the Temple Mount - Judaism's holiest site and also the site of the Al-Aqsa Mosque complex - to the Jordanian-run Waqf Islamic trust, and banned Jews and other non-Muslims from praying there.

Jewish groups have challenged the ban on prayer - as well as a list of other severe restrictions specifically targeting Jewish visitors - but Prime Minister Netanyahu has insisted the "status quo" will remain.

Despite that, Islamist groups have escalated a campaign of harassment and violence aimed at preventing Jews from visiting altogether. Their efforts have had little effect though, with the numbers of Jewish visitors to the site rising steadily each year.