Border Police forces carried out three arrests before dawn Wednesday at the the Tzur Baher neighborhood in southeastern Jerusalem, following a rock ambush that killed a Jewish man on Sunday evening, Rosh Hashana.

The video documents the arrests, which were carried out as residents gathered in rage to demand an end to Arab terror attacks.

Alexander Levlovitz (64) lost control of his car after Arab terrorists hurled a rock into it, and died in the ensuing crash, as he returned home following a the festive Rosh Hashana meal marking the Jewish New Year.

The residents protested the deteriorating security situation in their neighborhood, which borders several Arab majority neighborhoods and is often frequented by Arab residents passing through - some with nefarious goals.

Over the holiday massive Islamist riots took place on the Temple Mount and Old City in Jerusalem as well, leading Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to call an emergency security meeting on Tuesday night.

Levlovitz was driving with two women, apparently family members, aged 50 and 25, at the time of the attack. After he lost control of the car due to the rock, the vehicle crashed into an electricity pole; Levlovitz was pronounced dead on Monday morning at the hospital.

The terror victim is to be brought for burial on Wednesday at 6 p.m. at Har Hamenuhot cemetery in Jerusalem's Givat Shaul neighborhood.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu held an emergency security meeting at his office in Jerusalem on Tuesday night, after the wave of terror attacks in Jerusalem over the Rosh Hashanah holiday, which included massive riots on the Temple Mount as well as the lethal rock attack.

"We will fight through all means necessary against rock throwers, firebomb and pipe bomb throwers, and those who shoot fireworks to harm citizens and police officers," said Netanyahu.

"On the eve of the holiday it was again proven that rock throwing can kill," he added. "These activities will meet a very strong response of punishment and prevention. We will lead a systematic change and set a new standard of deterrence and prevention."

In the meeting, it was decided to raise the harshness of counter-terror steps in a few fields, including the possible changing of orders to open fire giving security personnel a freer hand to take lethal action against terrorists.

Likewise it was decided to set a minimum penalty for crimes such as rock throwing, and to impose high fines on minors conducting the attacks and their parents.

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