Armon Hanatziv after firebombing
Armon Hanatziv after firebombing Hezki Ezra

The ongoing Arab terror war against Jews took the form of three firebombs that were thrown at Liora Goldman's home in the Armon Hanatziv neighborhood of south-eastern Jerusalem, before dawn on Thursday.

Goldman took Arutz Sheva on a tour of her home, at Meir Nakar Street. Homes along the street have been hit by dozens of firebombs in recent weeks – at least 24 in the past month alone, she said – thrown by residents of the adjoining Arab neighborhood of Jabal Mukaber.

"Leave this home? No way, no chance,” she said. “This is my home and my homeland and I am not moving from here,” she said. “It's true that the firebombs and rocks are being thrown at us to make us flee. But they need to learn to live with us in coexistence.”

"What happened last night was attempted murder,” she said. “I mean, they are not trying to help us paint our walls black... they are trying to kill us. It is an unacceptable situation, for there to be terror in the center of Jerusalem, and for soldiers to be guarding us. Where is the government? Where is the Minister for Internal Security? Where is the police? No one cares about us.”

"I hope this ends well,” she said. “If not, there will be a disaster. They have weapons and during celebrations, there is gunfire. The question is – how long before the guns are turned on us? What's the difference between a firebomb and gunfire? It's the same thing. We don't use force against them. We are patient and we try to 'contain and understand' them. My trust in the police is waning.”

"The resident of Jabal Mukaber see us as settlers and view this territory as occupied. Our children and women are afraid to go outside. The Arab youths come here and sit in the parks, drinking alcohol, saying things to our women and doing other things. We can't do anything to them – they are residents of Israel.”

She noted that the murderers who butchered Jews at the Har Nof synagogue came from Jabal Mukaber. And yet, she said, the right thing to do is “to sit with their leaders until white smoke comes out.”