Soldier mobbed at Nabi Salah.
Soldier mobbed at Nabi Salah. Flash 90

IDF forces arrested 11 fugitive suspects overnight. Five of them are suspected of so-called “popular terror” and violence toward civilians and security forces.

Three suspects were arrested at Nabi Salah, northwest of Ramallah, where an IDF soldier was attacked by members of the Tamimi clan two weeks ago. 

Arutz Sheva asked the IDF Spokesman if the arrests there were connected with that incident. The spokesman's unit said in response that it would not be giving further details regarding the arrests at Nabi Salah.

Other arrests were made in Marka, southwest of Jenin; in Fahma, also southwest of Jenin; at Beit Likya, southwest of Ramallah; in Silwad, southeast of Ramallah; at El Hader, west of Bethlehem; in Bethlehem; at El Fawar, southwest of Hevron, and at Rabud, southwest of Hevron.

Six of the suspects are suspected of belonging to Hamas.

The suspects were taken to be interrogated by security forces.

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