Dozens of right-wing activists gathered Sunday morning outside the ORT-Avin high-school in Ramat Gan to protest the continued employment of history teacher Herzl Schubert. 

Schubert was spotted in a video documenting a violent riot at Nabi Salah, in Samaria, in which a group of women and children violently mobbed an IDF soldier.

A group of parents of students at ORT-Avin responded to the clip by demanding that the school fire the history teacher

Activists on Sunday carried banners, reading "fire the traitor," and called for Schubert's dismissal from the school. 

Lehava director Bentzi Gopstein also urged students to refuse to study with Schubert as well as refrain from attending his classes. 

"Tell him: 'You have nothing to teach us, shame on you. Our brothers, our fathers are in the army and you come and demonstrate and incite against us. Our soldiers are injured every week because of you,'" Gopstein called to students via loudspeaker. 

"Herzl, Herzel, shame on your name, resign from your position. You have nothing to teach Jewish children, Herzl," Gopstein charged. "You can go to Gaza and teach in schools there, not in Ramat Gan.