baby book pregnancy הריון לידה תינוק משקפיים ספר
baby book pregnancy הריון לידה תינוק משקפיים ספר צילום: Thinkstock

Hello! Thank you for visiting our page! It is with tremendous joy that we unveil the “Focus on the Jewish Family” webpage, hosted by Arutz Sheva International news.

So what is the “Focus on the Jewish Family” (F.O.J.F.) all about? So happy you asked!

F.O.J.F. is about bringing the experts to you! It is no secret that we are living in a fast paced world. It’s almost as if someone in our parents’ generation pressed the fast forward button on the VCR (remember those?) and we have been living this way ever since. These days we are facing new issues, different challenges, and it sometimes seems like the nisyonot are becoming much more intense. How are we meant to navigate through these issues?

The answer depends on us. It depends on how well we can shift our focus from the world at large to our Jewish families, our strong Jewish identity, and our rich Jewish legacy.  By focusing on who we are, we can bi’ezrat Hashem, derive strength to deal with whatever challenge we may face.

We are excited to bring you articles which can provide a source of information on a wide variety of topics. From chinuch to l’chaim, from shidduchim to shalom bayis, and everything in between, we hope to educate and inspire you to find strength, direction, and a source of information from notable experts in our Jewish community at large.

We bring the experts to you!

Shana Tova to all our readers,

The Focus on the Jewish Family staff

Because we want to bring the experts to you, we urge you to email us at (no spaces) with any feedback or suggestions you have. Let us know which articles you liked, and which experts/ topics you want to see posted in the future!

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